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Have a Rainbow Plate, Add Colorful Vegetables

Vegetables are for optimal health. Not only does a colorful plate at lunch look good but veggies are also super-foods. There is no alternative to consuming these in terms of nutrients. If you want your skin to glow, hair smooth and a fit body, you should follow a diet that is full of seasonal vegetables. The gastroenterologists in Edmond, OK, swear by vegetables when it comes to keeping the digestive system healthy. It has been proven by the Loma Linda University of California, that people who eat vegetables regularly have a 22% lower risk of colorectal cancer.

There are different colored vegetables at a farmer’s house. You should have it all. The different colored veggies have different nutrients.

The Rich Red – Red vegetables are generally full of vitamin C and folic acid, vitamin B9. Red foods like cranberries, beetroots or tomatoes have flavonoids and lycopene, these are antioxidants which promote a good heart, good skin, reduce inflammation risks of colorectal, lungs or breast cancer.

A hint of Orange and Yellow – Fruits and vegetables like carrots, cantaloupe, mangoes and spaghetti squash have alpha-carotene antioxidant. This is good for the immune system and helps to reduce blood pressure. This is good for the bowel movement and reduces constipation.

Go Green – Bring the go green revolution to your plate. Leafy vegetables are full of each type of vitamins and minerals. The darker the green is, the more antioxidants it has. Green vegetables are proven to be anti-cancer and it can improve blood and bone health. A green diet is an alkaline diet that reduces the risk of diabetes.

Spread Blue and Purple – Blueberries, eggplant or purple grapes are rich sources of anthocyanin that helps prevent colorectal cancer. Along with this, they increase memory, heart health and increases vision.

All in White – Though it is not technically ‘colorful’, it will stand out in its place in the colorful food category. Foods like cheese, yogurt, curd or other dairy products, a few vegetables, like mushroom etc. are full of vitamin D, calcium and phosphorus. This promotes bone health and obviously is good for the colon.

This is the reason why you should follow your gastroenterologists’ suggestion in Edmond, OK, to have a healthy colon. If you smell any problem with it, come to us at Digestive Disease Specialists, INC. to get the best treatment.

Disclaimer: This blog content does not offer a doctor’s advice and creates no relationship between any patient and care provider.

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